Making a mood board

Scanning (and photographing) hand-drawn artwork

Cleaning up your artwork in Photoshop

How to set up your art board and workspace in Illustrator

Importing scans into Illustrator

Creating a color palette

Live Trace and Live Paint

How to edit colors in Illustrator

Using a Wacom tablet to draw directly onto your computer screen

Straight repeats vs. Half-drop repeats vs. Brick repeats

Creating a simple straight repeat in Illustrator

How to scale/resize your patterns in Illustrator

Saving Your Files

Facebook Live check-in (live video check-in! Recorded for later viewing as well)


Tips and tricks for adding complexity to your patterns

Creating and using grids to measure in Illustrator

How to create a simple half-drop repeat in Illustrator

Facebook Live check-in (live video check-in! Recorded for later viewing as well)

How to create a complex half-drop repeat in Illustrator

Learning to use Photoshop Brushes

How to create a straight repeat in Photoshop

How to turn a painting into a repeating pattern in Photoshop

Facebook Live check-in (live video check-in! Recorded for later viewing as well)


What’s in a pattern collection? (written lesson)

What’s next? (written lesson)


Pattern Camp runs on Saturday APRIL 8 and Sunday APRIL 9, 2017. Both days we will begin at 8am PST. (To see what time it is in your local time, click here.)

Course lessons will be posted between 8am – 4pm PST both Saturday and Sunday. The lessons will be paced throughout the day, giving you time to practice your skills in between lessons (see schedule at the bottom of the page). You are welcome to share images of what you’re working on during and after the course in our private Facebook group and Flickr pool — I want to see what you’re creating!

For the full duration of the 2 day course, I will be on hand and available via email and in the Facebook group for any and all questions. After the live initial course weekend I will still be available to answer any and all questions via email and Facebook; it just won’t be quite as speedy as during that first weekend.

We’ll also have 3 live check-ins right in our Facebook group using Facebook Live, giving you an opportunity to ask me questions and get any confusion cleared up. The videos will show up right in our group and you’ll be able to participate in live commenting/chatting in order to get your questions answered, connect with other Campers, etc. Here’s when the check-ins will be:


Check-in #1: 3:30pm PST


Check-in #2: 10:30am PST

Check-in #3: 3:30pm PST

 The check-ins are not at all mandatory, but they may be useful to you, even if you don’t necessarily have any questions. They will be recorded, so you can watch them later.

After the 2-day course ends, you’ll have access to the lessons, videos, check-in video recordings, and classroom for one month, giving you plenty of time to practice, strengthen your skills, and catch up on anything you may have missed during the 2 days. (I’ll be available for questions + help after the weekend as well, of course, my responses may just be a little bit less prompt!) You’ll also be able to download several free PDFs that outline each of the pattern design processes you’ll learn during the course.

**Please remember that you do not have to be present for the full 2 days to benefit from the course! Working through the lessons at your own pace is absolutely, 100% a perfect way to learn in Pattern Camp. You won’t miss a thing.