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Sign up for a yearly Campfire membership the Pattern Camp e-course together and save $99 USD!

New Campfire content is delivered each and every month via email and through the private Campfire website. Monthly topics so far have included Art Licensing, Goals and Intentions, Marketing, Manufacturing, Art Licensing Agents, Time Management, and more.

Pattern Camp is a self-paced, self-study course; register and work through the lessons whenever it best suits your lifestyle and schedule.

All Campfire members who also sign up for Pattern Camp will also have continued/forever access to the Pattern Camp classroom/lessons.

*Note: The Campfire + Pattern Camp bundle is available with Campfire yearly memberships only


COST: $199/year or $18/month (signing up yearly gets you a free month!)

WHERE: new content is delivered monthly via email and through the private Campfire website.



COST: $159 USD

WHEN: sign up anytime and work through the lessons at your own pace!

WHERE: In a private classroom right here on the Pattern Camp website.



Full details about Campfire can be found here.

Full details about Pattern Camp can be found here.


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