Campfire is a private membership community for creative souls, created and led by Jessica Swift. It’s for anyone who wants to take their pattern and/or art-making skills to the next level, get inspired, have real, honest conversations + get real answers to questions, and who want to connect with like-minded creative people from around the world and be part of a supportive and encouraging group of fellow creatives.

Campfire is about: Inspiration. REAL conversation. Connection. Sharing information. Art-making. Technology. Not being perfect. Asking questions (and getting real answers!). Stretching ourselves. Vulnerability. Diving into the unknown. Saying YES.

It’s a virtual campfire where I hope you’ll love to gather and share wisdom and ask questions and BE together. It’s a wonderful gathering place to share stories and to grow as a creative being.

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Each month of Campfire includes:

  • An uplifting, real-talk Campfire Chat + a Campfire Business Chat  – me talking to you about what’s on my heart in my life and my own creative business
  • Fill-in and printable goodies and/or product templates for your artwork
  • An in-depth interview with one of the pros – surface designers, illustrators, artist agents, and more
  • LIVE video check-in where we can chat and you can get your questions answered in real time each month
  • An additional LIVE video check-in with creative director Margo Tantau and I about trade shows, art licensing, portfolios, and more
  • Useful articles filled with information on the month’s topic
  • weekly pattern/art-making challenge theme
  • An Illustrator, Photoshop, or iPad Pro video tutorial so you can practice your skills and learn some new tricks
  • Info, advice, and motivational pep talks from expert contributors on topics like art licensing, portfolio-building, e-commerce, growing your creative business, social media, and more.

Current contributors include:

:: Madison Park Group creative director Margo Tantau

:: best-selling author Kari Chapin

:: successful online shop owner/pattern designer Kelly Parker Smith of Hello World Paper Co & Stamps

  • Your Inner Campfire – where you can let your inner woo-woo out to play + shine!
  • Ongoing conversation + connection with me and other creatives in our highly active private Facebook group
  • Book recommendations
  • Assorted other goodies each month

As a Campfire member you’ll have access not only to the current month’s content but also the growing archive of content that’s created each month in the private, member-only Campfire website. That means all the video tutorials, interviews, printable artwork, templates, everything!




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Here are some Campfire-y goodies that I made just for you, whether you join us or not – this is just a fraction of the type of stuff that you can look forward to each month in Campfire.

Everything below is downloadable and yours to keep – they are my gift to you!

Hope you’ll decide to join us around the Campfire.

Desktop wallpaper / Click here to download.

Motivational ‘Today I Will’ printable squares / Click here to download

Licensing 101 10-page PDF / Click here to download

An interview bite with my good friend Kari Chapin, one of the most inspiring and motivational people I know.