Is Campfire just for pattern designers?

No way! Campfire is for creative folks of all varieties. Painters, illustrators, pattern designers, and image makers of all kinds are all invited to sit around the campfire. Beginners and more seasoned artists are all welcome. Creative business owners, hobbyists, aspiring artists, dabblers…. whatever you are creatively, you’re welcome here.

The purpose of Campfire is connection. Growth. Inspiration. Honing your skills. Conversation. Support and encouragement. Motivation. Accountability. These themes extend far beyond the realm of pattern design!

Will I learn how to make repeat patterns of my own in Campfire?

Nope! If you’re looking to learn how to design patterns using Illustrator and Photoshop, that’s what my Pattern Camp Skillshare class is for. Check it out!

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll receive a welcome email with details on how to get to the private Campfire website and information on what’s to come. Once you’re logged into the website, you’ll be able to join the private Facebook group and check out the current and archived content there as well. As soon as your payment has been made, check your email to get started!

How do I get the new content each week?

New content will be delivered via email every Monday. You can also log in to the private Campfire website any time to access the current content as well as the full archive of content created in past months of Campfire. (You can get to the Campfire website log in page here.)

How do I log in?

You can log in to the private Campfire website here or from the ‘Members + Students’ button in the menu navigation above.

What if I don’t yet have a creative career? Is Campfire still for me?

Absolutely! While we may talk about some things in Campfire that seem beyond your current scope, please know that you will learn SO MUCH from being here, from listening to the experts, from asking questions, and from soaking up the creativity, passion, and inspiration of this amazing group of creatives that are gathered around our virtual fire. Please join us, even if you don’t feel like you’re ready, like you’re good enough, or whatever other excuses might be playing in your mind! We need YOU.

What if I want to end my Campfire subscription?

I’d obviously be sad to see you go, but if you decide Campfire is no longer for you for whatever reason, you can simply visit this page, log in to manage your account and end your subscription there.



What supplies will I need?

– Your own computer (Mac preferred, as this is what is shown in the videos, but PC will work, too)

– Adobe Illustrator (if you don’t have the program, a 7-day free trial is available here, which you can download and install on your computer prior to the beginning of the course.) Please make sure the program is installed on your computer prior to the start of the course.

– Sketchbook or looseleaf paper

– Pen and/or pencil

– Scanner, smart photo with a camera, or digital camera

– Reliable high-speed internet connection (for streaming videos)

– Wacom tablet (optional)

       – iPad Pro (optional) 


Will my older version of Illustrator or Photoshop work for the course? Like, CS3 or CS4?

Yes, most definitely! Any version of the program that you’ve got will work just fine for the course. All the videos  in my Skillshare course show the processes done using the most receive Creative Cloud version of Adobe Illustrator.

I’ve never used Illustrator before. Will I be totally lost in this course?

No way! You’ll have the opportunity to watch an Illustrator Tools primer video as part of the course, which will get you started in the program before you dive into class. You will definitely be able to follow along during the course and complete all the lessons — I urge all beginners, though, to practice extreme patience and self-care and remember that you’re learning something brand new and it may be a little bit slow-going! You may have to be patient with yourself as you’re learning and you’ll need to practice practice practice! But many beginners have taken Pattern Camp and have had great success.

Are the video lessons downloadable? 

No. But you’ll have access to the course and all the videos as long as your Skillshare membership is current. (You can sign up here.)

I don’t live in the USA. Can I take the course, even though I won’t be able to participate in the full live weekend?

Yes! Students from all over the world can join Skillshare and enroll in the class.

I don’t have a Mac. I have a PC. Will this be a problem?

It should not be a problem. While the video lessons are all Mac-based, the Mac and PC versions of Illustrator are almost identical, so it’s easy to translate the lessons to your PC.

Will you give me feedback or critique my work during the workshop?

I will not be offering feedback or critique on students’ work during or after the course; however, you will have the opportunity to join private Facebook group where you can share your work and invite feedback from fellow classmates.

This is not a creative business course; it is focused on the technical aspects of pattern design.

Will you be available to answer my technical questions if they arise?

Yes. I am available via email at hello@patterncamp.com