Pattern Camp E-course Preview

Wondering what you’ll find in Pattern Camp? Here’s a peek!

This is what the classroom looks like and the format in which you can expect your lessons to be:

The majority of the lessons are video based and have a short written component as well.

Here’s a peek at one of the video lessons straight out of the course:

Each lesson shows you exactly what I’m doing on my computer screen as I walk you through the steps. Countless students have said the format is clear, easy to follow and understand, and that they’re amazed how much they can learn so quickly with these video lessons.


Before class begins you’ll be able to watch 2 video primers, one for Illustrator and one for Photoshop. The primer videos will help you get acquainted with each program, learn what the tools are and how they work, and they’ll help you to build your confidence a bit before we dive in to pattern making.

Here’s a peek at the Illustrator Primer video: