Campfire + Pattern Camp Bundle

Interested in both Campfire and Pattern Camp and don’t want to choose just one?

Perfect! The Campfire + Pattern Camp bundle is just the thing for you.

These two programs are a match made in heaven. Come learn some new pattern design skills in Pattern Camp, then learn what to do with them in Campfire!


Sign up for a yearly Campfire membership ($199 USD) and the Pattern Camp e-course together ($159 USD) and save $99 USD!

That’s just $259 for both programs. Yes! Invest in yourself and join us for a year of learning, uplifting, motivation, support, growth, and above all FUN.

Campfire members who also sign up for Pattern Camp will have ongoing access to all the lessons in the Pattern Camp classroom for as long as your membership is current. (Students who take the Pattern Camp e-course alone have access to the classroom for one month after the initial weekend. Video lessons are not downloadable.)

New Campfire content and conversations happen each month. Your first month’s content will be delivered via email and will also be accessible in the private Campfire Classroom. Brand new content will be delivered at the beginning of each month. (Full details about Campfire are here)

Pattern Camp is a self-paced self-study course; you can register and work through the lessons as it suits your lifestyle and schedule. Sign up anytime!

Quick links, in case you need them:

Full details about Campfire are here.

Full details about Pattern Camp are here.

The schedule of what’s to come in campfire in 2018 is here.