Pattern Camp is more than just an online course about making repeat patterns.

It’s a community. It just might be the creative community that you’ve been looking for. That you wished existed but haven’t found yet.
That you thought might not be possible. In the world of Pattern Camp, anything is possible. (Just ask the Campers.)

There are two ways you can join our wonderful group of creative souls (choosing both is an option, too, of course!).


  • Campfire – a membership group for creatives who want to take their pattern and art-making skills to the next level, get inspired, have real, honest conversations + get real answers to questions, and who want to connect with like-minded creative people from around the world. New content is delivered monthly straight into your inbox – real talk interviews with real-life creatives, Adobe Illustrator tutorials, uplifting Campfire chat videos, printable artwork, templates to plug your own artwork into, and more. A private website and Facebook group are both an important part of Campfire. Click here to learn more.
  • Pattern Campan online pattern design workshop. The course is a self-paced, self-study course in a private classroom area of the Pattern Camp website. A private, supportive, inspiring, and incredibly active Facebook group is part of the deal here, too (and highly encouraged!). Click here to learn more.

Come light your creative fire with us!

Choose a path. (Don’t worry if you want to choose both – of course you can do that, too!)